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Choose from a unique selection of gifts for children and adults, including specialty books, T-Shirts, pens, cups, etc. 
To place an order via phone, please call 254-678-1850.
To place an order via mail, please use the order form below.

Souvenir Bag
Items include:  printed bag, printed pen, Travel cup, a copy of the February 14, 1955 Panther Newspaper , printed museum calendar, African Americans in Texas brochure  (Items can be purchased seperately)
(Shipping & Handling - 2.95)
Choose from two types of designs. Specify Size:  L - $10.00, XL - $11.00, XXL - $12.00, XXXXL - $13.00
(Shipping & Handling - $3.00)

Tressie paperback
$2.00 (Shipping & Handling - $3.95)
Author Tressie Langston traces her life, and the impact made on the lives of others as the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Navarro County. The book examines the impact of the Civil Rights Act on blacks and whites, as they battled change
Fair Ball hardback
$10.00 (Shipping & Handling - $3.95)
Thanks to author/artist and baseball fan Jonah Winter, readers have the thrill of gettin to know fourteen of the Negro Leagues outstanding stars
Women of Hope hardback
$10.00 (Shipping & Handling - $3.95)
Joyce Hansen's brief, well crafted biographies, and the striking black-and-white photographs that accompany them, reveal the remarkable strength of inspiring women such as Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Fannies Lou Hamer, Mae C. Jamison.
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Check/Money Order:  Make Payable to Pelham Community History Museum       

Mail to:
Pelham Community History Museum 
c/o Elayne Robinson
22535 FM 744 Pelham Road
Hubbard, Texas 76648

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PCHM T-Shirt Large $10.00

PCHM T-Shirt XLarge      $11.00

PCHM T-Shirt XXLarge   $12.00

PCHM T-Shirt XXXLarge$13.00

Souvenir Bag       $2.00

Tressie    $2.00

Fair Ball               $10.00

Women of Hope        $10.00

The Forgotten Heroes      $3.00

Tiger Woods                                       $3.00

Find Where The Wind Goes         $10.00

Black Diamond                                 $3.00
Black Diamond paperback
$3.00 (Shipping & Handling - $2.00)
Eloquent writing combines with meticulous research and photos in this stirring history of the Negro Leagues.
Find Where The Wind Goes hardback
$10.00 (Shipping & Handling - $3.95)
Jemison offers insight into her remarkable life, from the announcement in kindergarten, in 1961, that she wanted 'to be a scientist' to her realization of her dream as "the first woman of color in the world to travel into space.'...With an 8- page photo insert.
The Forgotten Heroes paperback
$3.00 (Shipping & Handling - $2.00)
This fascinating true story of former slaves who were recruited to open up the West.
Tiger Woods paperback
$3.00 (Shipping & Handling - $2.00)
This newly revised behind-the-scenes biography introduce young readers to Tiger's spectacular achievements and chronicles his unprecendented rise to the top of the pro golf world. Photo insert.
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